Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tino Tuesday #29: 1998 Yankee Stadium 75th Anniversary

As part of a lot of random Tino's I recently picked up, this card was included. I had never seen it before, and can't seem to find too much info about it. It's from 1998 and had a Yankee Stadium 75th Anniversary logo. I'm assuming it may have been part of a giveaway day that season, but it's not branded with any sort of sponsor logo. That makes it less likely as a promotional item. It could have been included in an issue of Yankees Magazine too I suppose.

Either way, I love oddballs like this, especially when he is a Yankee. I like the design. Pretty simple, but it works well. The back is sort of boring. The cardstock reminds me of a minor league team set.


  1. It was a stadium giveaway. I've got one of Chuck Knoblauch that I got at the stadium in '98.

  2. That's a nice card, will have to add it to my Tino list. At least they paid for the licensing, you can see all the logos.