Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tino Tuesday #26: 1994 Pacific #577

Growing up, Pacific brand cards were sort of weird. In the early 1990s, they were hard to find. The local drugstores never had them. I randomly had a collection of them - mostly all from that Nolan Ryan set. Then in the late '90s, they burst on the scene a bit with a few new sets - Prism, Invincible, etc - and for the most part provided some pretty cool cards at the time. I know a lot of my favorite Tino inserts are from Pacific.

This card is back from when it was hard to find these cards. It was sent to me by Johngy and it was a card that I had never tracked down. I like the size of the photo on the font. The font for the player's name is a bit cheesy, as is the marble-looking bottom border.

The back has a nice, large headshot, but it comes at the expense of stats. The team logo is a nice addition, but it's so prominent that you can't even read the stats over it.

Overall, it's a fine card and may have been one of the nicer base cards in 1994. I am glad they eventually changed their logo, as the old one really stuck out and not in a good way.

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