Monday, February 13, 2012

Proud Owner of a 1967 Topps Mantle

I’ve wanted an original Topps Mickey Mantle for a while now. Ever since I can remember, I’ve gawked at any Mantle in a display case at a card shop or show. I do have three cards from Topps that do feature Mantle – a 1968 Topps Game insert, a 1967 Topps checklist (floating Mantle head), and thanks to Dustin, a 1967 Topps Yankees team card with Mantle in the picture somewhere. I love all three, but don’t consider any of them to be a true Mantle Topps base card.

Based on what my card budget is these days, I have gotten used to the fact that if I did grab a Mantle, it’s going to be in pretty rough shape, and that’s ok. When I make my millions I can upgrade. For whatever reason, I’ve always loved the 1967 Topps Mantle. The bluish coloring behind his head shot has always appealed to me. There was a guy at a card shop last year who had three of them that he was trying to sell the owner. They were in great shape, and I remember being nosy and taking a peek at the cards.

I found a reasonably priced lot on eBay that included this 1967 Topps Mantle, which is in rough condition. The lot also included a Mantle 1990 Sports Impressions statue, a couple of random vintage cards, and a lot of 200 Yankees commons. No one had placd a bid, and with under a minute I bit the bullet…and won!

The cards arrived quickly. The Mantle is amazing. I took the card out and held it. I even smelled it. The creases make me sad. But at the end of the day, it’s an original Mantle. And I own it. It’s part of my collection.


  1. Awesome find !! The creases only give it character. Just imagine the stories that card could tell !

  2. That is a really cool card. I would bid on half of a 67 Mantle if I could finance it.

  3. Congratulations! Every collector should own at least one Mantle card. Mine is the 1959 Topps.

  4. Congrats, and welcome to the club!

    I say that you put another crease in it, just to make it feel at home!

  5. Beautiful card. I love the snippet on the back: "Mantle rocked 7 homeruns in a five game tear last year."

    I bet that was a magical week for Mantle fans in '66. I know that the Mick was nearing his retirement and the production (As well as the Yankees' record) had really dropped off - 350 AB's, <100 hits, .250 average. I'm sure some haters were calling for a change, too!

    But that didn't stop the injury-ravaged Mantle from 'rocking' some dingers.

    Good stuff. GREAT card. Congrats!