Monday, June 24, 2013

An aggressive move

It was an aggressive move. As soon as the Yankees called his name, I went on eBay and grabbed this card.

You see, with three first round draft picks, I paid a little more attention to this year’s MLB draft than I usually do. I usually check out who the Yanks pick, but they are usually picking at the tail end of the first round and aren’t in the position to grab an exciting franchise cornerstone…someone like Harper or Strasburg or Machado.

That’s not to say players picked in the late 20s won’t be stars. Plenty of players have gone on to fantastic careers that the Yanks passed over.

Now, with three first round picks, the Yanks have a great opportunity to add some quality talent to the farm system. Hopefully at least one will turn into a contributing major leaguer. The closest to The Show is their first pick – 3B Eric Jagielo out of Notre Dame. They haven't picked up a polished college bat in a long time. Next, they grabbed Aaron Judge, a huge OFer from Fresno State. With their last pick in the first round, the Yankees drafted a lefty prep pitcher from California, Ian Clarkin.

Right after they picked him, I went on eBay and snatched this up. When I went back the next day, the same card was going for a few bucks more. The Yankees effect. Luckily, the Yanks signed him this past week, so I already have a relic of a young, exciting prospect.

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  1. Nice pick up. Hopefully, he has a decent career for the Yankees.