Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Orange you glad he's not on your team?

With A-Rod in the news lately, I have found myself reflecting on his career a lot. In short, I think Brian Cashman used the best possible word to describe him in his recent interview with Buster Olney: complicated.

There's no doubt that in his young days, right up through 2007, he was incredibly talented...with or without performance enhancers. The last few years have been a battle to stay healthy...and stay out of Page Six. Regardless, he still has four more years on his deal, and while I may no longer be a big fan of his, I hope he comes back to be a semi-productive player. Even when he isn't hitting well, I'd rather see him in the lineup over Jayson Nix, since he can add some offensive lightening at any time.

Anyhow, this isn't an A-Rod bash post. Rather, I wanted to show off this Orange Refractor. Being a Syracuse alum, I have an irrational love for the color orange. It doesn't appear on cards very frequently, so it always stands out to me. I've always thought these Orange Refractor parallels are sharp. I may add them to my wantlist, in fact.

If you have any Orange Yankee Refractors, let me know. I'd be open to trading for them.


  1. I've always wanted to see one of the orange parallels Topps puts in with the factory sets.