Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Coins on cards from Cards on Cards

I recently won two Gary Sheffield Yankee cards on Listia that were auctioned off by Kerry over at Cards on Cards. I won’t lie, in the comments someone wrote “I’m a Sheffield collector and don’t have this card”, and that was the main reason I bid. Such a dick move, right? But the “Sheffield Fan” never bid again, so he clearly wasn't too rabid.

In addition to the Sheffs, Kerry sent me this Tino Martinez 1998 Pinnacle Mint card, with the coin included! These never really caught on, but I thought it was a cool one-time concept. I’m glad it wasn’t yearly. It’s nice to have the coin/card combo, as I have the card by itself and the giant hole where the coin is supposed to go is pretty unsightly.

Kerry also sent along a stack of Knicks cards he had been holding for me. I haven’t bought many basketball cards lately, so it was great to see what it’s out there. It’s refreshing to see all these new (and vintage) designs as a mostly-baseball collector.
Thanks again, Kerry!

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  1. Thanks a lot dude. I was that Sheffield collector and you totally screwed up my plans. Real nice. Hope you "enjoy" your cards poo poo head.