Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pictures of Puig

To update yesterday’s post, here are a few pictures of the Yankees-Dodgers game I attended last night. I went to see Puig, and he didn’t disappoint. While my tickets said “row 10”, it turns out that row 10 is actually the first row along the right field wall, so I was just feet from Puig. Very cool! He's the opposite of small. Just a thickly built dude.
He was definitely taunted a bit in both English and Spanish, but didn't really acknowledge the crowd. Only once did he throw a ball into the stands after pre-inning warm ups.

In his first AB, he singled and promptly stole second. He followed that with a strikeout and a HBP. In his fourth AB, his HR went directly above my head, but was probably six or seven rows behind me. I was able to see myself on the highlight.
The Yanks sucked, as expected, but it was a fantastic night for a game. Perfect conditions to enjoy a game, have a few beers, eat some nachos, and relax.


  1. Nice! I had hoped to see him on Tuesday, but of course the weather didn't cooperate.

  2. Getting to see someone that good in their rookie year is definitely something to remember. Reminds me of when Mauer first started playing. Glad you got to see him!

  3. Nice pics! The kid is a pleasure to watch.

  4. and nachos....and PUUUUIGGGG !!!!

    You almost called it in your previous post. You said the Dodgers would score 7, but we got 6. Just like us this season to under-perform. hehe

    P.S. Nice pics!