Thursday, June 6, 2013

Following some tragic footsteps

In the spring of 2001, Brian Cole, a highly regarded Mets prospect, was tragically killed in a car accident. Brian had spent most of the 2000 season playing for the Double A Binghamton Mets. I was in high school at the time in Binghamton, and followed the team closely. I went to a bunch of games, and loved watching Cole. I remember him being fast as hell, and wearing #5, my favorite number.

Cole either would have gone to AAA to open the season, or would have been back in Binghamton. Unfortunately, with his untimely death, this didn't happen. However, do you know who was the first player to play CF at NYSEG Park (Binghamton Mets home stadium) after Cole's death? Me.

You see, my high school team played our home games there. We had a home game there before the Mets did in 2001 (and it was freezing). Later that year, the Mets put up a nice tribute sign in the outfield - it was a #5 with Cole's name. I was wore #5 as well, and every time I ran out to the outfield that year, I took a look up at the sign and remembered Cole.

A little later on, I picked up this game used bat card of Cole, just as a keepsake for a life cut far too short. The bat chunk is cool, with stitches burned into the wood.


  1. Neat story. You'll be able to show him the relic card of Cole and tell him all about it when he's old enough to understand. Thanks for sharing!

  2. In case you didn't see it, SI had a great article on him in their baseball preview: