Monday, June 3, 2013

TTM Success: Jose Campos

About a year and a half ago, the Yankees and M's swapped mega prospects. Michael Pineda and Jose Campos came to the Yankees in exchange for my personal favorite, Jesus Montero, and Hector Noesi. Thus far, the trade has been a disappointment on both sides. Pineda got hurt and missed all of 2012. However, he is about 3-4 weeks from returning, and apparently he's back to throwing in the mid-90s good off speed stuff. What a lift that would be.

Montero and Noesi have both been dreadful. In fact, Montero just got sent to the minors, and then got hurt. Part of me still wonders how he would have done as a full-time DH if the Yanks kept him.

Jose Campos was the little-known piece with a big arm coming off a good year in 2011. In 2012, he started strong at Low A Charleston, but an elbow injury shut him down for the year after just 24 innings. Many thought he was eventually going to be the best part of the deal. This year, he came back, but from what I've read hasn't shown the same stuff as he did before the injury. His velocity is down, and his breaking stuff isn't as sharp. He's still young though.

Campos signed his 2012 Bowman Chrome RC for me in about 3 weeks c/o Charleston Riverdogs. I was very happy to get this one back, and hope that he gets better as the summer progresses.

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  1. Sharp signature - nice success!

    I have GOT to get down to ChuckTOwn to catch a Riverdogs game....WHY has this not happened, yet?