Sunday, March 8, 2015

A swell Babe from Brad

Literally! I like these Swell cards a lot, and this one is, well, swell. It came in an unexpected package from Brad of Brad's Blog.

There was a bunch of goodies in the package, but here a couple highlights.
I gotta say, I love getting old inserts of Alfonso Soriano. Collecting in the late '90s/early '00s, it was a big deal to pull a Soriano, let alone an insert. There were a lot of the too, because, well, the 1990s. This would have been a good one to pull from Skybox Metal.
I like this card. It's just very simple and plain, but obviously perfectly fitting for Mariano.
And finally, a nice sparkly card of Phil Hughes, who I can't hate on too much. He had a fine career in NY. I actually really liked Lineage. I just wish the card backs had stats instead of just a short write-up.

Brad, thanks again my friend!

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