Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mark Hoyle POPS UP in my mailbox

Mark Hoyle sends some of the best packages out there. When he's not single-handedly doubling my vintage collection, he's sending along other completely cool items. Check out this blast from the '80s past:
Boom! Some Donruss oversizes cards and pop-ups. I feel like these pop-ups are all over the place now, but I love getting them fresh and unpopped. I'll probably give one or two of these to my son for him to play with.

With the NCAA Tourney starting tomorrow, I'm a bit depressed with no Syracuse to cheer for. They are banned from this year's post-season and got some major slaps on the wrists from the NCAA. However, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy some hoops cards. Mark knows I'm an SU guy, and frequently sends some cards of Orange greats.
Mark, thanks as always!


  1. I think WVU became official 2005 Big East champs because of the sanctions to Syracuse!

    1. I think the NCAA first needs to review Kevin Pittsnoggle's transcripts before crowning you the champs.

  2. love the pop-ups! You never know what Mark will send next! Great stuff!

  3. Cool cards. Now I dare you to make those pop up cards stand up.

  4. Mark definitely sends great packages, whether it's vintage or oddballs great stuff.

  5. No Syracuse for a few years. Who was on the team when you were there.