Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BIG Mike Pineda #100

Last week, I received my 99th different Michael Pineda. I knew that #100 was not far behind, since I had already won an auction for it. It arrived, and it's glorious.
"But Lost Collector, that looks like a regular 2015 Topps Pineda! Don't you already have that?"


You see, disembodied voice, that is actually a fancy, 5x7 jumbo on-line exclusive Big Mike. These were released in Series One team sets of 99 for the massively under priced (based on what they are selling for) cost of $19.99. There are still a bunch of teams available, actually.
Anyhow, it's a very cool card. It's exactly the same as the normal-sized versions, except the logo is silver as opposed to foil. I believe the cardstock is the exact same as well. I don't have proof of this, but it feels the same, and certainly isn't thicker.
The back's are hand-numbered to 99 which is a cool touch as well.
Certainly an appropriate card of BIG MIKE for my 100th different one. For a guy who debuted in 2011, and didn't pitch in 2012 or 2013, I feel like 100 is a pretty good accomplishment. On to the next 100!