Monday, March 30, 2015

JBF Week: Toys & Oddballs

Yesterday, I showed a few cards from a recent JBF package. However, it was also filled with some really unique toys, oddballs, pop up cards, a pin, and even sunglasses!

My favorite of the bunch is these Fleer pop ups. I had never seen them before, and let me tell ya, it was not easy to put these together. Maybe the original packaging had directions? I think I did it close to right, but it was tough! However, the end product is super cool!
Speaking of pop ups, some fresh, unpopped Donruss pop ups from the '80s!
This little Wade Boggs figure is super cool. I don't remember "Micro Stars." Do any of you?
This wasn't even the most "mirco" toy. Check out this little guy, along with a sweet mantle pin from an appearance, and some Yanks shades.
Also, this very cool boxed Donnie Baseball set from The Colla Collection!


  1. I don't remember the Micro Stars toys. That is pretty cool.

  2. I'd be scared to attempt to put those Fleer Pop-ups together. Awesome oddballs, especially the Colla set.