Thursday, March 5, 2015

Contest loot from Bob Walk The Plank

A few weeks back, I was fortunate enough to be one of the winners in a contest held by Matt over at Bob Walk The Plank. The prizes were fantastic! Matt took the time to tailor each prize package to the four winners, which he really didn't need to do.

However, his attention to detail and really shopping for cards that each person would like shows what kind of guy Matt is. I was thrilled with my winnings, and I really appreciate each of them.

Matt sent me five cards, all of of which I needed and more importantly, all of which I love.
The first is a Ty Hensley auto. Hensley cards don't grow on trees, so I'm going to guess that Matt went out of his way to find this one. It's an auto #'d to just 10, and is a really stunning card.
Next, my first Jeter home uniform relic. I did a post a few weeks ago about having three Jeter relics - one away gray swatch, and two of bases. I didn't have a home jersey/pinstripe, so this instantly becomes my favorite.
1/1 of mojo!!! And not just a nobody, but Mr. Brett Gardner. I love this because it shows how Gardner would look as a righty. The fun of printing plates!
This John Wetteland auto is a beauty! I didn't have a Wetteland auto in my collection. In  fact, I was telling Matt that just a few days before this came, I was checking to see if Wetteland was coaching anywhere so I could shoot him a TTM request. I love this set too!
Finally, a Tino that is new to my collection and needed!

Matt, this package rocked. Thank you so much!


  1. Awesome package. BWTP's tailor made packages are a symbol of just how generous and dedicated this blogosphere is.

    As for Wetteland he's going to be signing in-person autographs at a local card show in a couple of weeks. The fun part is that Mariano Rivera is going to be there too.

  2. Love the Wetteland. Great looking card

  3. Wow, sweet pickups, especially that Jeter!

  4. Those Classic Scrip autos are nice. I didn't know Wetteland was even in that set. The Hensley hit eBay not long after I announced the winners. It was destiny!

    Glad you enjoyed all the cards. Thanks for always reading and commenting on my blog.

  5. Congrats on the awesome winnings! I love that Wetteland auto.

  6. Great cards ! Matt came through yet again

  7. Wow, great cards.

    One of my first ever TTM successes was John Wetteland, when he was with the Dodgers. Still have the card... somewhere.

  8. Awesome package. Very sweet 1/1 Gardy and Jeter jersey card. Love the Tino.