Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pardon my french

Bad post title, I know. I tried lots of French puns, including "French Cardquistador." I know, I know.

Anyhow, I completed a trade with Kevin of The Card Papoy recently, my first ever time sending cards to France. I will tell you, my post-office had a difficult time with the concept of me sending a bubble mailer to France. They did not make it easy, but free trade prevailed.

Kevin sent me some awesome Yanks, especially from my '90s wheelhouse. My favorite of the lot was this colorful Derek Jeter, a Leaf card I had never seen.
This fancy Jason Giambi is numbered just 03/10. It has a very platinum-like feel to it.
I love this Hideki Irabu night card from his debut. I distinctly remember watching him pitch that night, as his acquisition was a very big deal.
I have a love/hate relationship with Upper Deck MVP. They were affordable, but for some reason Upper Deck rebranded "Collector's Choice." However, they kept the silver signature parallel. Why not just keep "Collector's Choice"?
A couple of forgotten Yanks of the '90s, especially Vander Wal. The Henson is super thick from Stadium Club.
Why, Kevin?! Why do you do this to all of us:
Thanks, Kevin! Hope we can trade again soon!


  1. Great trade, no doubt. Don't take your Biebering too badly, one day he will run out of cards. You're a hero of sorts, sparing another trader somewhere down the road.

  2. Haha ! well, I still have something like 100 of those, so I should run out in a year or so. It leaves me some time to find something worse. If that's even possible....thanks for the trade !