Saturday, October 17, 2015


Topps keeps rolling out these 5x7 sets online. They are actually pretty cool. I have no idea how to store them or their actual purpose (listed under wall art), but I won't lie, I get intrigued when they pop up for sale online. I think consumers gobble them u and then sell the cards individually.

The regular series 1 were hand-numbered to 99. I actually have two Michael Pinedas from this set. Then I saw this red one pop up, numbered to just 10. I grabbed it for a few dollars. While the early ones were hand-numbered on the back, this is numbered in foil on the front (hard to see in the scan).

If you check Topps' website, they have a lot of these types of sets, all actually pretty reasonably priced. I'm sure those who bought the sets broke them up, and sold them on eBay easily made their money back, and then some. They all have a limited print run.

At some point, I need to buy one of these really big cards to hang up somewhere.


  1. It's only a matter of time before signed versions of these pop up.