Friday, October 2, 2015

Old Habits are the best

I think Robert of $30 A Week Habit and I have been around the blog world for about the same amount of time.

His his first post was in July of 2011, while mine was February of that same year. So we're about the same age around here.

Robert is one of those generous guys that sends 'just because' packages. I actually need to send him some Jays soon because I think he's pulled ahead of me in the 'just because' package unofficial race. Also, those pesky Jays.

Anyhow, Robert sent me these while the Yanks were cemented in first place and the Jays had a good offense but no pitching. So, in other words, he sent these several months ago. Times change, eh?

Regardless, here are a few of the goods, including a Nova relic, and a couple of 2015 GQs, a set which I've gotten very little of.  In fact, these might be the first I've gotten. Therefore, it is most appreciated.

This Walk-Off Winners set is pretty cool. I didn't know about it. These two in particular are really great memories of Yankees walk-off HRs in my lifetime. The Jeter is from the 2001 World Series when he became "Mr. November". Funny, I really do remember Clay Bellinger (#12) going crazy with that right fist in the air.
I remember this Giambi moment well too. In the rain, int he 14th inning, with the bases loaded and the Yanks down 3. That was a sweet moment in his first season in NY.

There are a few more I wish were in the set, including Aaron Boone's 2003 ALCS walk-off. I realize it can't be a Yankees-only set (or can it????), and there are probably a few notable omissions overall. I like that Raul Ibanez is in the set from the 2012 ALDS. I was at that game, so that make it extra cool.
Thanks, Robert, and good luck in the post-season. See you in the ALCS? (probably not)

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