Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dollar Treeing it - part 2

I bought another one of those hilarious Dollar Tree 30-card jumbo packs. I would have bought more, but they are out! Just some other crap, like One Direction and X-Files cards.

Here is my first experience with Dollar Tree packs, in case you missed it: click here.

Remember, I am promised 1 to 5 superstars! So how did I do? I'll say that I scored two superstars:
The Nomo Rookie Cup is pretty sweet. One corner is all mangled. Think I can send it back? Will Clark looking very Will Clarky in the other superstar card.

Whoa, serially numbered MOJO! Wasn't expecting this! Just 1 of 25,000 made! I am accepting offers.
The oldest card and the most recent, you might be wondering? Why, here you go:


  1. You should get a hold of the company to get their definition of superstar. That would be a fun blog post.

  2. Dollar Tree - lining their pockets with collector money. Btw - I think The Card Papoy could use some One Direction cardboard. He's almost out of Beibers.

  3. Champ Summers, that's a name of a superstar right there.

  4. That Nomo made the trip to Dollar Tree worth it.