Monday, October 12, 2015

Relics from the Lost Years

I believe I have most Tino Martinez relics. There are variations, but for the most part, I own 'em all. I have 32 Tino relics in total.

But every so often one or two pops up, and it just so happened two I hadn't even seen came into my eBay feed within a few days of each other.

These are both relics of Tino while he was with the Cardinals, part of his Lost Years from 2002-2004. Still, I want 'em. Plus, the swatch below is game-used pants from the Yanks, according to the back of the card.
The quad bat is pretty cool, with some solid players on there. Who knows if these are actually pieces of their bats, or if the person making this card kept the little wooden triangles straight. Probably not, but still a cool card.


  1. I like the Bat Around quad bats. Some really cool combos exist. Congrats on the new additions.

  2. That's quite the accomplishment. I probably have less than 5% of the Tony Gwynn relic cards out there. Congratulations on adding two more to your collection.

    And I'm totally with Matthew... the Bat Around relic is pretty sweet.