Saturday, March 4, 2017

A little Heritage on a Saturday afternoon

In a rare occurrence, both of my kids fell asleep around 1pm today. That's not usual for the two-year-old, but my five-year-old is basically done with naps until college. But he had a movie on and fell alseep on the couch. I looked at my wife and said, "I guess I'll run an errand to Target, need anything?" She said milk. So I decided to go get milk...and cards.

I had every intention of grabbing a single blaster of Heritage, but I got to Target and the card aisle was a mess. Literally. I should have taken a picture. There were still about 30 blasters of Series 1, with no Heritage blaster to be found.

I did find one rogue hanger box. No idea where the others were.

There was a gravity box as well, but it only had a couple packs in it, which is weird since Heritage was just released. I'm guessing someone grabbed about 50 packs.

I netted four Yankees, including my first Matt Holliday.

And I got BILLY BUTLER! As a Yankee! What a world.
And this dumb thing I could have walked to Walgreens for.
And a couple New Age Performers.
My hanger box was actually a little better, as there was a relic square in the middle. I know a lot of you pull relics on the regular, but I can count the amount I've ever pulled in a pack on one hand, so I still enjoy getting them. Not a bad player, either.
Today's haul resulted in three SPs. Please let me know if anyone needs them.


  1. Nice Miggy relic! I can use the Kipnis SP if you're willing to add it to the Betts.

    I hate when the card aisle at Target is a mess, especially because it's my default LCS.

    1. Sorry! Was claimed on Twitter a little while ago. The Betts is still yours.

  2. you did well for such a poor selection! nice miggy!

  3. Congratulations on pulling the Cabrera jersey card! I saw a blaster a few days ago and passed on it. Still going back and forth on whether or not I want to use my gift cards on this stuff... or be patient and grab Stadium Club or Archives later on.