Friday, March 17, 2017

TTM Success: Nick Solak

My spring training TTMs are going horribly. I shouldn't be surprised. This is the trend over the last few years. I shoved that data aside and sent out a ton this year, and now somehow I'm acting surprised that they aren't showing up in my mailbox.

I did get one in yesterday from Yankees prospect Nick Solak. He's a great looking hitter and I hope to see him join the Yankees embarrassing stash of high-level middle infield prospects.

From those who care, make sure you treat 2016 Bowman Draft cards before you send them out for an autograph. The ink will bubble! I used a standard eraser before I sent this one, and the signature stuck fine. But WTF Topps? People like to get autographs on Bowman Draft. Give us a cardstock that can hold a signature without having to use baby powder or an eraser or something.


  1. Nice return.

    And considering how Topps only sees Bowman Draft as a cash cow where they can mass produce cards ad nauseam, they don't care about the ink being able to stick.

  2. I had zero success last year with spring training TTMs.