Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ty Hensley: new uniform, still the man.

I never wavered in collecting Ty Hensley cards when the Rays snagged him in the minor league Rule 5 Draft. Not just because of what I've invested time and money-wise (a lot), but I truly think he's a great person who deserves to make it to the Majors - in a Yankee uniform, or in a uniform of something called a Ray.

I've had a few interactions with Ty via twitter and TTMs, and have even interviewed his mom, Marci, on this blog.

And I've built up a pretty darn good collection of his cards, if I do say so myself.

As I do most springs, I sent Ty a TTM request with a few extra cards I had. I also threw in a stack for him to pass along to some of his new teammates and new fans.

Ty was kind enough to send back these four autographs, as well as a nice note.

Pretty awesome kid, and hard to not root for. Have a great season, Ty!


  1. Ty is the man. Hope he makes it up to the bigs one day!

  2. Wow, I don't know of many players who take the time to write back. Sweet!

  3. That is an amazing return and what a super awesome young dude to actually write back like that.