Friday, March 24, 2017

PWEs, I've missed you!

PWEs tend to come in bunches. Nothing for awhile, then Bam! Two in the span of two days. I love it.

First off, Oscar from All Trade Bait All The Time was kind enough to send one. I made a comment about a cool Brooks Robinson card he showed off, and Oscar, being the generous dude he is, sent me my own copy. Crazy! I never make comments like that thinking the card will end up with me, but nice people like Oscar go above and beyond.
And it is cool, right? There's just something about little Brooks with no one near him, committing robbery. Oscar filled the rest with some Yanks, including two personal favorites.
Next up, Chris from The Collector busted some serious Heritage, and set aside a few Yanks for me. I have to take inventory, but I must be close to the complete Yanks set, minus the SPs.
There was also a cool Jeter I didn't have.
Gentlemen, thanks for the PWEs. Much appreciated!


  1. That is a cool Brooks Robinson card. It looks like he's diving for a ball in the desert.

    I wish there were more Heritage Yanks to send you, but I had surprisingly few duplicates and the 100 SPs in the set seem to me almost all marquee teams. Glad you like the Jeter insert, I'll be sending you another DJ soon ;)

  2. Where was that Brooks shot taken from, the upper deck? Is this the same play:

    1. That's a pretty good cross reference. I see the same discolored clay in the same spot. Hmmm...

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you liked the cards :)