Thursday, March 2, 2017

TTM Succss: Don Mattingly

This was an unexpected surprise. First, a spring training TTM success from Yankees legend Don Mattingly. I actually sent this last year, and it just came back – a 376 day turnaround. He signed 1 of 2 cards, as I also included a 1988 Topps All-Star that he returned unsigned.

Secondly, mail forwarding worked(!), as this SASE was addressed to my previous address. I called the post-office and reiterated the issue with mail not getting forwarded, so it looks like they paid special attention this time, which I appreciate.

I’m happy to get the ’93 Upper Deck signed. It’s a great card from a great set. Check out the dirt Mattingly's back foot is kicking up. Torque! It also looks like Donnie’s Sharpie was a getting a little tired, but still, hard to be upset about that.

Thanks, Don!


  1. Nice..congrats! He's another guy I'd like to get a Simpsons custom card signed one day. Maybe I should try this year and hope to get it back in 2018.

  2. Awesome,

    I just got mine back as well!! Sent last April, a 1987 Topps base card for my set.

    My favorite player of all-time !!