Friday, May 12, 2017


On Sunday, the Yankees are officially retiring Derek Jeter’s #2. It’s well deserved.

I grew up with Jeter. I was in 6th grade during his rookie year, so Jeter as the Yankees shortstop was all I really knew from the time I was 12 until I was past 30. He was a constant.

He finished his career with 3,465 regular season hits, good for 6th place all time. Say what you want about him or his abilities or if you think he was overrated, but that is a lot of hits. You can't luck into 3400 hits. On top of that, he had exactly 200 post-season hits because of course he did. His career batting average ended at .310. His post-season batting average? .308 in 156 games. He basically had another full season of post-season games, and performed exactly to his career norm. That’s interesting.

I attended many games in-person where Jeter played shortstop. Probably over 50 or 60. I wasn’t really there for a signature moment. No dive into the stands or walk-off hit. However, I’m sure he performed to his consistent, usual self, time and time again. It would have been normal to see him go 2 for 4 without doing something spectacular. And I’m sure I took it for granted, time and time again.

I look forward to the ceremony and seeing Jeter back at Yankee Stadium. Who knows, next time he’s there, he might be wearing a Marlins hat.

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