Monday, May 1, 2017

It's just so...atomic!

I know Superfractors are one 1-of-1 and all the rage. I do. And I have one and can officially say they are great.

However, I have never seen an Atomic Refractor I didn't like. In my opinion, they are the best looking Refractors that Topps produces each year. The speckled nature of the card stock basically makes these cards dance when lights hit them.

I didn't even know 2013 Bowman Platinum had Atomic Refractors until this Ty Hensley showed up in my eBay saved search. I'm happy to say I won it for just $1 (+$3 shipping...of course). But I would have paid $4 for it with free shipping, so to me, it wasn't too bad at all for a new Hensley #'d just 2/5. And truthfully, the card is beautiful.
Additionally, I had been going back and forth with a different seller who has a 2012 Elite Extra Gold Status Hensley listed for $10. It's numbered 5/5, and I offered $5. He wouldn't come down off of $8. It's a rare card, sure. But it's only worth what someone will pay, and so far, no one is biting. I've been sending him side notes seeing if he'll accept my offer, yet he keeps saying he's got a lot of people watching it and he'll do just fine.

Well, he's already lowered the price to $9, and so far there is only one watcher, presumably me. I'll continue to watch it, but it's just funny I scored an Atomic Refractor #'d to 5 for less than $5, yet can't score an Elite Extra for under $8 (as of now).

I'm a little torn because I've never seen it and need it, but I just feel the price is a bit too steep as of now.


  1. Pricing on low numbered refractors is complete anarchy. Like you said, it just depends on who is looking at the time.

  2. I couldn't agree more on the atomic refractors. I'm currently trying to hunt down a reasonably priced 1998 Bowman's Best atomic of Orlando Hernandez.

  3. Atomic are definitely the nicest of them all