Saturday, May 27, 2017

Basketball cards on cards

Kerry from Cards on Cards is one of the most generous bloggers out there. His mailings are always stuffed with cards he knows I’ll like. He must bust a ton of product too. Kerry, what are your secrets?!

I am the beneficiary of Kerry’s pack-busting in multiple ways. First, he sets aside Yankees for me. Second, he sets aside Knicks for me. I haven’t collected basketball cards since high school. I actually collected more basketball than baseball at that time, if you can believe that. However, I love getting Knicks cards now, not because of the guys on the team (since they suck), but it’s fun to see what products from other sports look like.
2016-17 Donruss used the same design as football and racing. Unlike baseball, they wisely used team colors on the cards. I thought this picture of Joakim Noah was hilarious, because that’s the exact same face all Knicks fans are making after his very forgettable first year in NY.
Ok, a card of a player I actually like. Porzingis is a stud. This is from Panini Complete, which I have no idea about. I assume it’s one of their lower end sets, sort of the Opening Day of NBA (keep me honest, hoops collectors). It’s a nice card though. Clean design. Simple, but nice.
I think I asked Kerry to set aside a Malachi Richardson card for me at some point. As a Syracuse alum, I appreciate getting cards of guys that wore the orange.  I’ll probably try and send this to Malachi TTM next season.
Some basketball cards look pretty cool horizontally, and this is definitely one. It allows for some great action shots. I love that NBA Hoops brand still exists, as those were a staple in my basketball-collecting days.
More Hoops, and another cool image. Swat Team! Get out of Kristaps’ face.
There have always been some cool Team USA basketball cards. I mean, these are pretty unforgettable from back in the day:
I like this Carmelo card a lot with the USA Basketball shield front and center.
While not new, these were some of the coolest cards of my childhood. While we all loved 1993 Upper Deck baseball, 1993-94 Upper Deck basketball were sweet too, and Skylights was a great, great subset. Love that the Twin Towers make an appearance here too.

I love the sampling of basketball. It’s so much fun to see what else is out there.

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