Friday, May 5, 2017

Photo engravings

One of the coolest of the 1,876,519 insert sets of the '90s comes from - shocker - Pacific. In 1998, their Invincible product had an insert set called Photo Engravings. The cards had a beautiful canvas-type feel to them. It also had a pretty awesome checklist:

1 Greg Maddux
2 Cal Ripken, Jr.
3 Nomar Garciaparra
4 Frank Thomas
5 Larry Walker
6 Mike Piazza
7 Hideo Nomo
8 Pedro Martinez
9 Derek Jeter
10 Tino Martinez
11 Mark McGwire
12 Tony Gwynn
13 Barry Bonds
14 Ken Griffey, Jr.
15 Alex Rodriguez
16 Ivan Rodriguez
17 Roger Clemens
18 Jose Cruz

These cards fell 1:37 packs. It was also a prime year for Tino being featured in insert sets, as he was fresh off of his 44-homer season.

Cards like this are why I miss the '90s, as I don't feel that any insert sets today have this sort of appeal. They all sort of look the same and run together.

Pacific was crazy and had some bizarre sets, but they also had quite few beautiful ones. This one certainly qualifies as one of those.


  1. Awesome insert!!! Pacific made some fantastic cards back in the day

  2. The people at pacific must have been on some crazy drugs in the mid to late 90's. But, thank god for that because their cards are just too awesome.