Sunday, May 28, 2017

Baseball cards on cards

Yesterday, I showed some cool basketball cards Kerry fromCards on Cards sent me. Of course, the package also included a healthy amount of baseball cards too, because duh!

I’ve seen Gary Sanchez cards come to a screeching halt in card packages, and Aaron Judge is headed for the same treatment. I don’t blame any of your guys, as their cards are fairly valuable right now, and can be moved to acquire things that fit your collection better. However, that didn’t phase Kerry, as he sent me a few of each of those guys:
I really like 2017 Gypsy Queen. Just a cool looking set, and very different from the past few years.
This is the first 2017 Topps Stickers card (err, sticker) that I’ve gotten. I always like the simplicity of the design, and wish Topps would make a full-sized set that looks like this.
I won’t lie, I literally LOL’d at this Robin Ventura card. It’s from Upper Deck Game Face, and that’s the best you could find of Ventura's "game face"? Hilarious.
Kerry was kind enough to turn these team-issed cards over so I knew they weren’t regular base cards. Much appreciated!
A few cards from some mid 2000s sets. Godzilla has always made for some fun cards.
I’ll close the post with a high-end basecard of CC. I can’t imagine how many of these get tossed because they aren’t juicy hits.
Kerry, thanks for another great package!

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  1. I'm trying to put the World Series Heroes together. Great looking design!