Monday, May 29, 2017

TTM Success: Bill Virdon

I've been in a little TTM slump lately, although in fairness I haven't sent out a ton of requests.

I did get this one back last week. I've been meaning to send to Bill Virdon for some time, and finally shipped off this Yankees 1975 Topps team card in which Virdon is pictured as the manager.

He was kind enough to sign and personalize it to me, which was cool. He also signed a second copy for my son at my request.

Virdon was originally a Yankee, but never suited up for them until he managed them in 1974. While still in the minors, he was traded for Enos Slaughter. He had a solid career, amassing a 19.7 WAR in 12 seasons with the Cardinals and Pirates.


  1. Bill Virdon is one of those guys who always looked 50. Bet he still does at almost 86. Nice get!

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