Monday, March 5, 2018

A tremendous TTM success from Tino Martinez

Each spring, I send a TTM request to Tino Martinez at the Yankees spring training facility. Each season, he has served as a guest instructor, so I figure it's worth a shot to send to my all-time favorite player.

It worked in 2012, when I got this back:
I'm certain I've sent every year since then, although I've had zero success.

Then on Saturday, I received one SASE back from Tampa. I was overjoyed when this was the first card I saw:

The same day I struck out at Target looking for Heritage, this comes back.

I can't image a signature on a more perfect card than the inaugural Topps Heritage set. I've wanted this card signed for a long, long time. I know I've lost a few of these in the mail on previous requests, but this really makes it worth it. The signature came out great.

I was a bit greedy and included a second card - a 1999 Topps Gallery. Tino was gracious enough to sign it, and the card looks perfect as well. I love the big, bold signature. It really pops against the white border.
I'm still batting a pretty low average as it relates to my spring training TTMs thus far, but honestly, it feels like it's all gravy after this.

Thanks, Tino!


  1. Awesome success! It's always fun to add a TTM success of one of your all time favorites.

  2. Congrats on the return.. those look great.

  3. That is a sharp looking Heritage card, the 52 design never looked better. Congrats on the Tino TTM success!

  4. Six year's between successes... doesn't he know who you are :)