Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hertiage breakin'

I was fortunate enough to buy a lot in Nachos Grande's three-box Heritage break. I'm glad I did too, since my Target has been bone dry when it comes to Heritage.

Gavin mentioned it, but the collation on the three boxes didn't seem great. Although not SPs, I was unable to land base cards of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez, Chad Green, or Clint Frazier. Not quite what you'd expect. I was still really happy with my haul below, but I definitely expected at least one of those guys.

I got on the board early with a Chrome Refractor of Didi Gregorius #'d to 569. These fall 1:61, so that was a good start for me. It's a great looking card too.
In the very last pack, there was a black border card. Although not serially numbered, it looks like these are limited to 50 cards of each and fall 1:51. Chris did a great reveal where we knew it was a Yankee, and I was praying for Judge, Stanton, or Sanchez as he slowly showed the card. It ended up being this guy. Not bad!
While I didn't get a Sanchez base, I still did pretty well with him, including two inserts and a couple of The Topps News All-Star cards.
I wasn't completely shut out on Judge!
I found the back of this card interesting, as it mentions that Cooper is no longer on the Yankees.
And there's Big Mike's (likely) last Yankees card. Good luck, sir.
As part of the break, we also got a random team. I was assigned the D-Backs, so I was hoping for a cool Goldy. And I got one!
Chris, you ran a great break - from the organization to the live stream to the shipping. Thank you!

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