Monday, March 12, 2018

Eff Miggy!

Screw Miguel Cabrera!

I'm not his biggest fan after the skirmish between him and the Yankees last year, notably Austin Romine. So when Paul from Scribbled Ink decided to hold a contest because Miggy screwed him, I was totally on board.

Here's my Eff Miggy 1/1. I especially like the unicorn tattoo.
Besides the sweet custom, Paul took care of me with Yanks. First off, a Jeter I've never seen. Cool Vegas theme!
He also included a blue parallel of the 2018 Jeter Highlights set, as well as one of the Topps NOW inserts.
I love cards of obscure Yankees, and I have to admit I did not remember Michael Coleman. Even cooler that it was a gold parallel. Great Topps Gold design, by the way. Huge fan.
Tino! I did not have the 2003 Gallery Rainbow Refractor. Great find, Paul!
I like this Reggie a lot. The gray border looks pretty cool, I have to admit.
Unrelated to the contest, Paul needed a 2018 Topps base card I had, and was kind enough to hook me up with four solid 2018 Topps cards, including two Judge base card, a Bellinger insert, and a Moncada foil.
Thanks for everything, Paul!


  1. Moncada looks great in pinstripes.

  2. Glad you like it. Thanks for the post.

  3. I feel like Collect-A-Books don't receive enough love among collectors. I have a few of the basketball sets and maybe a football set. I'm thinking I might need to track down all of the different sets out there and display them in a binder.

  4. Haha for that Miggy.
    That Jeter Vegas card is awesome looking. Cool insert.