Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Stranger Things Strawberry

Recently, my pal PK Steinberg of Baseball Every Night sent me a few dupes from his impressive Darryl Strawberry collection. I appreciate these because I love Strawberry cards from his Yankee years, and his time in Pinstripes coincided perfectly with some crazy card designs.

1997 Metal is one weird set, complete with robotic arms, mechanical gadgets, and some weird slimy monsters. Case in point, this Strawberry.
The first thing I thought of when I saw this card? Whatever the heck was grabbing people in the upside down tunnels in season 2. 
See where I’m coming from, right? If this card were made in 2018, I’d expect Straw’s bat to have nails sticking out of them, just like Steve Harrington’s.
There, that's better.
 The second card that caught my attention was a 1998 Bowman Chrome International parallel. These cards had the player’s birthplace on a map. In this instance, Strawberry’s butt is making a bubble around Los Angeles.
And here’s the base card with no map behind him.
Lastly, a sweet Topps base from ’99 Topps. Straw looks like he just yanked a double down the line.
Thanks, Peter!


  1. Strawberry going to the upside-down is a much funner way of explaining how his career got derailed.

  2. I don't actively collect them but I do find those Metal cards irresistible.

  3. Metal is one of my favorite sets from the 90s because of the weirdness.

  4. Metal cards were the Upside Down before there was the Upside Down.