Friday, March 9, 2018

Smear campaign

I know smear campaigns are usually reserved for the Boston media running an athlete or coach out of town, but that’s not what this is about.

It’s actually about a TTM success!

New Yankees 3B coach Phil Nevin signed two cards I sent to spring training. Nevin is a fantastic TTM signer, returning signatures to nearly anyone who writes to him.

Unfortunately, one of the cards became a bit smeared as the result of wet ink. It looks like Nevin signed the Topps card first, then the Pacific Online, and placed one on top of the other before it dried. Much of that signature was absorbed on the back of the Topps card. It happens. That’s what I get for sending two cards. It's ok though, I'm still happy to have it.
Early in the season, I expect it to come up at least once per game that Nevin was drafted 1st overall by the Astros the same year that the Yankees took Derek Jeter 6th overall. I’m sure he’s tired of hearing that, and we all be as well. Nevin ended up having a solid 12-year career, including being a 2001 All-Star for the Padres when he hit .302 with 41 homers and 126 RBIs.

He’s been in coaching since he retired, and is one of the many new coaches brought in by Aaron Boone. Thanks for the autographs, Mr. Nevin!


  1. Still looks good to me! I bet I'm the only one who thinks of Nevin as a Cub first, seeing as his brief 2006 Northside stay didn't go very well or last very long.

  2. Well, at least you still got one good one, it is certainly better than none!

  3. Bummer about the ink situation. On the bright side, the Topps card is pretty sweet and if I had to pick one card to get smeared... it'd be the Pacific Online.