Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Major League mail forwarding

A few weeks ago, I sent then-Yankees prospect Nick Solak a TTM request at spring training. Solak is quickly becoming one of the most reliable signers out there, and I had a few extra cards of his.

I sent me request and then something happened.

He got traded.

I figured my TTM request was a lost cause, but I wasn't too upset. One of the top TTM rules is to never send anything you don't want to lose, so I wasn't too down on losing two cards of a Rays prospect.

But then on Monday, my SASE arrived with these:
It looks like the Yankees must've forwarded Solak's mail, which was very cool.

I should know better than to write off any TTM request. Glad to have these back, and I wish Nick the best of luck with his new organization.


  1. That is very cool. I can attest the Blue Jays and Tigers do not do that.

  2. The TTM requests I truly consider lost are the ones from before I moved into my current house. Mail supposedly only forwards for a year. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  3. Sweet. When I saw the title of the post I figured it was about that recent trade as I think I remember you tweeting or even blogging about it when it happened? Very classy of them to forward it and for Solak to sign it.