Friday, March 30, 2018

A gator pops up in the Jersey burbs

I always love it when an unexpected animal makes an unexpected appearance in an unexpected place.

Of course, I don't want anyone to get hurt, but every so often there is a coyote in Central Park or a whale in the East River. In fact, yesterday morning I was woken up by a VERY LOUD wild turkey in my yard. Now, those aren't terribly rare around here, but I live in a very populated area, so it was quite a surprise to hear it gobbling and awkwardly making its way across my yard.

As it turns out, a gator also made it's way to NJ. However, not the dangerous kind. Unless it's one throwing a baseball with his left hand.

Ron "Gator" Guidry signed two cards that I sent to spring training. Although I hope a few others trickle in, I'll certainly be going out on a high note if none others do.
Gator has a great signature, and I'm pleased to add these to my collection.

Thanks, Mr. Guidry!


  1. Nice! I got his signature last week on a ball when I was at Steinbrenner Field!

  2. Fun post... I actually thought there was a gator spotted in NJ until I kept reading. I didn't know Guidry's nickname was Gator. Fun Stuff.
    We occasionally have a deer or coyote come through our neighborhood, but that's it for random wildlife.

  3. Awesome signature! I grew up across from a llama farm so I'm used to weird animals in places they don't belong. But a gator in NJ? That sounds dangerous!!! Glad no one was hurt. Hahaha!