Friday, August 10, 2018

Beam me up, Steiny

A few weeks back, Peter of Baseball Every Night reached out asking if I needed some Yankees from Stadium Club. I have found ZERO Stadium Club where I live, so of course I was more than willing to take them off his hands.

The highlights for me were the Beam Team cards. I don't think I ever pulled one back in the day - baseball or basketball - so they still feel exclusive to me. The "beams" this year feel more like a building going up under construction, but can't argue with the two players:
I only have a couple of Clint Frazier cards, so always glad to add those to my collection. I hope he gets healthy down the stretch, as concussion symptoms are no joke.
I like the Power Zone inserts a lot as well, although I always knew these to be a Topps Finest insert set.
Peter also sent a few base and parallels, including a Matsui base and black foil.
A red foil parallel of Don Mattingly rounded out the package. I've always loved Mattingly's post-swing pose.
Earlier that week, Peter also sent me a PWE with an early Tino Martinez card. I always get a kick out of Tino wearing #53 early in his career.
Thanks for all of the great cards, Peter!


  1. Yeah baseball cards! Glad to have helped get you some new cards, as well as that older Tino one!!

  2. That Hideki Matsui looks kind of golden as well. And that's a cool old Tino card as well. He was my favorite growing up.

  3. Glad to see Matsui make an appearance in this year's set.

  4. Power Zone was always Stadium Club in NBA. Cool to see they are bringing some of the old inserts back.