Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bowman MVPs

I know in some Bowman sets, there have been Minor League MVP cards. They were insert sets showcasing current players who were MVPs in the minors. However, the other day I noticed something for the first time, and I'm curious if this was common for past Bowman sets. I was looking at my very valuable 1991 Bowman Hensley Meulens, when something caught my eye. In the upper left corner, there is a foil stamp with "MVP." Now, he was the 1990 International League MVP, so I can understand that. Were other league MVPs given this gold stamp? If so, just from 1990, or were years past included?


  1. I had wondered why you never posted anything about the cards you won in my contest. Yesterday I got the package returned baxk to me from usps. I put the wrong address down. Im an idiot. I remailed today should be to you by friday. My fault man I need to learn to read.