Monday, September 12, 2011

Cards from Dhoff

Recently, DHoff of Coot Veal and the Vealtones picked up a few cards and showed them off on his blog. I needed the 2003 Topps Chien-Ming Wang Rookie for my Topps Yankees project, as 2003 is the only year I’m missing a signature from. Wang is usually a good signer in spring training, but I’m not sure how he’ll be in September. Anyhow, DHoff sent me the card and a bunch of other Yanks to go along with it. (note: I've already sent the Wang card to Nats, so no image)

First and foremost, he included a Tino I didn’t have – 2002 Topps Total. Although it’s a card of Tino during his lost years, it’s another one to check off the list.

And here is the assortment of Yankee cards. Two jam-packed team bags! I’ll post some of the personal highlights below, but I love and appreciate all the cards.
A few older cards, including a 1981 Topps Reggie Jackson that I didn't have. The Willie Randolph rookie cup card is especially awesome.

Next up, a 1998 Starting Lineup Talking Baseball Don Mattingly. I’m not quite sure what set this is from, as I don’t believe it was the card that came with Starting Lineup figures.

A couple of 2009 Topps 206 Yankees. This set is still pretty new to me, as I wasn’t collecting at this time. I didn’t have any of these four cards.

Finally, a 2008 Heritage Dick Perez Joba Chamberlain card. This is easily my new favorite Joba card. I’m a huge Perez admirer, as the amount of paintings he chruns out that are spot-on is staggering.

DHoff, thanks again. I’ll be sure to send some cards your way shortly!

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