Friday, September 16, 2011

TTM Success: Eeewww a Red Sox! (or Sock?)

It was difficult for me to send a request to a Red Sox player. However, since this guy was a former Yankee, that made it a little more bearable. On August 11, I sent a 2009 Topps Heritage to Alfredo Aceves, and he returned my card signed yesterday.

Brian Cashman f*cked this one up. Aceves was a valuable part of the Yankees pitching staff the last few years. Last year he battled back issues and didn't pitch after May. Cashman and Co. decided that the back wasn't ready go and non-tendered him. Boston swooped in and grabbed him, and he's been very valuable, just like he was with the Yanks. He can start or relieve interchangeably, and is fearless on the mound...almost to a fault sometimes.

Anyhow, glad to get this one back, and I hope he blows a few games down the stretch. Just sayin'.

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