Thursday, September 22, 2011

The rest of my 1968 Topps Game Lot

I already showed you the Mickey Mantle 1968 Topps Game card. It was the headline card in a lot of 32 Topps Game cards that I won for $15.50 + $5.10 shipping. Most Mantles from this set cost at least this much to begin with, plus I get 31 other cards? Yes please. What a lucky find this was. I figured I was going to pay at least $25 without shipping for this lot, so I’m happy I won it for less and put a huge dent in my quest for the set.

This lot was full of Hall of Famers that I needed for this set. Here are a couple – Yaz and Kaline. I didn’t know Yaz was going to be included in this lot, as he wasn’t listed or pictured, so it was a nice surprise. I had just won a different lot with the Yaz card, so this will end up being a duplicate.

I already had this Killebrew thanks to The Diamond King, but the Mays is the real surprise. This Killebrew came in a top loader, and it wasn’t until I went to take it out and scan it did I even know that the Mays was behind it. What a great surprise! It looks like it had been taped before, as some of the text has been ripped off. I don’t care. I needed this card and it wasn’t even listed in the auction listing.

Two more Hall of Famers – Hank Aaron and Roberto Clemente. The front of the Clemente is in outstanding condition.

Here is the back of the Clemente. I‘ve noticed a lot of off-centered card backs. It must be really rare to get a back that is perfectly centered.

Here are six more that I needed. The Tommy Davis had some cosmetic work done in ink, but it shouldn’t be too hard to eventually replace. I love the helmet that Fregosi is wearing.

Here are a few dupes. Anyone interested?

This was scribbled on a few card backs. Thanks, Billy.

More dupes! I already had these cards as well.

So for $21, I got all of the cards pictured here. I feel like I came away the big winner. What about you guys? How do you think I did here?


  1. You did very well! Those are really cool cards, and it seems to me they are undervalued quite a bit. It will be fun to watch you work on this set.