Monday, October 17, 2011

Diamond Giveaway Fakeout

Over the weekend I picked up a few packs of 2011 Topps Update. One of the packs contained a Diamond Giveaway code card, which I was actually pretty pumped about because I hadn't done a thing on the site in about three months since I had my Sabathia Diamond Die Cut shipped. I was left with no cards in my inventory, and thus, no reason to check the site.

So I unlocked my code, figuring I'd get a 1988 Topps common. Well, my heart nearly sank when I saw this card because at first glance I thought it was Hank Aaron, even though the Aaron from this set is a different color. Total fakeout...I thought I had struck gold! It was a quick first glance, you would have thought it too. Anyhow, a 1955 card! Not only is this an awesome set, but anytime I can grab vintage from that long ago I'm all for it. Maybe I can even get a comparable Yankee out of it in return.

I then used my dig to unlock a Brooklyn Dodgers ring, and then the site told me I also had received a free code to redeem! Nice! I was sure that this would be my 1988 Topps common. Nope! 1976 George Foster. Not bad at all!

So while the fakeout was a bummer, I consider this a very successful haul from one code.


  1. That's better than anything I've seen come up in a while. Congrats!

  2. beats the absolute crap out of the fricking checklist card from the '74 set I got yesterday!! Really topps, a checklist??