Friday, October 7, 2011

The Hit King from The Diamond King

First off, congrats to the Tigers. They deserved to win the series vs. the Yanks. Their hitting was more timely and they got better starting pitching. My blog is on autopilot for a few days while I'm out of town, which is good because I also won't be reading the anti-Yankee posts that are sure to be out today. I wish the fans of the remaining teams good luck.

Now, on to baseball cards...

This Pete Rose came courtesy of Kevin over at The Diamond King. He had already sent me a Harmon Killebrew, and said that he came across this at a card show and picked it up. So cool of him! I sent him a few cards for his PCs in return.

This card is in very good condition. It has a teeny crease on the right, but is not bad. It’s a tad off-centered but not the worst I’ve seen in this set. It’s actually more of a cream color, but every time I scan these they show up white. I’m now down to two cards to go…and both are on the way for under $4 combined from SportLots. Boom.

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