Sunday, October 30, 2011

My two favorite NFL Rookies (and their cards!)

Well, it's a Sunday Funday, and I'll be watching the Bengals vs Seahawks while I pack for a work trip (L.A. for a few days). Yes, I'm a Bengals fan. I was born into it. And yes, they always suck. However, this year they are 4-2 with a pretty favorable match-up vs Seattle. Can the newly exciting Bungals possibly move to 5-2?!

Anyhow, I love Andy Dalton and AJ Green, and I hope this is a formidable combo for many years to come. I decided to pick up their Topps Rookie Cards on SportLots. The whole transaction cost less than a $1, so I'd hardly call this a Doonboggle like the time I went out and stocked up on Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson cards.

I still have no intention of collecting football cards, but I just wanted to own these two.

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