Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Phew, on to Game 5

A few thoughts on Game Four between the Tigers and the Yanks:

I was as nervous about last night's ALDS Game Four as I've been about any Yankee game in recent playoff memory. I'm sure any elimination brings the same feeling for any fan, but this one was particularly scary because AJ Burnett was on the mound.

The game was won in the first inning. Curtis Granderson made a game-saving catch on a really tough ball that Don Kelly smoked. Everyone knows the hardest ball for an outfielder is the one hit right at him. Curtis broke in, retreated and made an Angels In The Outfield type catch. His catch in 6th was a lot cooler and a more athletic play, but this first catch was bigger.

AJ Burnett was by no means good in this game. He was good enough, but not necessarily good. I'm not going to overly praise the dude for doing his job though. I was terrified by every single pitch he threw. Literally. He got lucky in the first, but give him credit for settling in. If the Yanks win Game 5, I still don't feel comfortable with him in the ALCS, but that's a worry for another day I hope. I liked Girardi's quick hook, even though AJ was only around 80 pitches. Those were 80 stressful pitched though. With a well-rested pen, you have to go to them there.

This comment might make another blogger sick, but Russell Martin's slide to score on Jeter's double was freakin' awesome.

The offense finally started to show some signs of life late in the game, and that should scare the Tigers because the middle of the order (minus Cano) has been just putrid. The Ghost of ARod finally had a few good swings. Teixeira and Swisher still need produce and I hope one or both of them decides that Game Five is the time to do it.

Game Five should be a dogfight. I fully imagine Nova won't be as good as Game One and I'm sure Fister will be a lot better.

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