Thursday, October 6, 2011

TTM Success: Gary Peters (on a '68 Topps Game)

I’ve gotten a few 1968 Topps Game dupes from picking up multicard lots. I figured that I’d trade some, and send a few out in hopes of TTM signatures. After one week, I got my first return from former White Sox (and Red Sox) lefty Gary Peters. He signed my card and answered my questions:

What is your best career memory? Hitting a grand slam vs the Yankees in 1967 (I was surprised by this answer – I figured it would have been winning ROY or winning 20 games.)

Who was the toughest hitter you faced? Harmon Killebrew (good answer…Harmon hit .263 vs Peters but with 6 HRs, a .512 OBP and a rather large 1.126 OPS)

What current pitcher reminds you of yourself? Mark Buehrle (good answer!)

This was a cool success by a great former pitcher. I appreciate his quick response and taking the time to answer my letter.

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  1. Dude, that is sweet! Congrats on the success. Peters was DOMINANT back in the day.