Thursday, October 13, 2011

Doon's "Will" Be Done

I’m behind Napkin Doon’s cause to get George Will in 2012 Allen & Ginter. If that loser Guy Fieri can make it into the set, why not Will? Click the button over on the right hand side of my blog to learn more about George Will.

Speaking of which, I got a surprise package in the mail from Nap himself. First off, a business card.

Next, a 1955 Topps Frank Leja! Man, I love vintage Yanks, and this one is great and in really nice condition. Poor Frank only had one big league hit, but he did play some minor league ball where I grew up. I really love getting Yankee cards from the ‘50s and was psyched about this.

A RC of the little lefty, Manny Banuelos. You’ll see him in the Bronx next year. He’s just 20 years old, but I think he could have a nice impact. He’s also one of the new guys I’m collecting.

A gaudy UD3 Bernie Williams.

And a few of these sweet 2009 Topps 206’s.

Thanks Nap!


  1. so, what do you have against Guy Fieri??

  2. Nothing really, just not a fan. More or less I was using him as an example of the random people who have made it into an A&G set. I could have used someone else, he just popped into mind. Must be the dyed blonde hair.