Saturday, October 29, 2011

TTM Success: Scott Proctor (the Rays favorite pitcher)

When the Yanks signed Scott Proctor late in the season, I figured it was just another bullpen arm for late in the season. I didn't expect him to pitch too many meaningful innings, but I should have known better. Proctor wasn't too bad of a reliever before he was Joe Torre'd in New York and in LA. He was over-worked before he ever got to really cash on a multi-year deal. He had a great attitude about taking the ball whenever he was needed, even though deep down I'm sure he know he was hurting his chances of future success.

Coming back from surgery, Proctor didn't have much this year. He was still throwing in the low 90s (he used to throw upper 90s), but he wasn't fooling anyone. In the last week of the season, he gave up that big HR to Jacoby Ellsbury in extra innings that looked like it would help send the Red Sox to the playoffs. Haha, we know how that turned out, mostly because Proctor was the last pitcher in the Yanks 'pen vs Tampa on that incredible final day of the season. He ended up giving up Even Longoria's walk-off HR that clinched the Wild Card for the Rays.

I sent Proctor two cards in September, and he returned them both signed after the season. They were post-marked for Florida, so he must have taken his fan mail home, which I really appreciate. I was surprised at how well the signature stuck to the SP Prospects card.

Thanks, Mr. Proctor!

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