Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cards. For ages 9+ only.

On Sunday, I attended the NBA All-Star Game in Houston. Upon entering the arena for the game, we were handed a pack of Panini Prism NBA cards. Cool! I wish more stadiums did this. I saw a ton of kids trying to grab more than one pack.

I ended up with two packs. One pack I'm going to put away for my kid to open one day. I'm sending the other pack to a friend.

Something struck me as odd when looking over the package. Look in the top right. "For ages 9+". Really? You should be a third grader to "play" with cards? Is it because they have sharp corners? I actually find cards to be very educational. I was looking at stats on the back and asking what each meant well before the age of nine.

Now, look at at 2013 Topps. The wrapper says "For ages 6+". I wonder why Panini thinks their product is only for a more mature audience?


  1. One theory I've heard is that when you're 9 you get a bigger allowance than when you're 6, meaning that Panini wants to fool kids into thinking that their products are for "grown up kids" (as all kids want to be treated as adults, only to regret it later lol).
    Of course that's just a theory. In the end I doubt it matters since the only people who buy sports cards nowadays are grown men ranging from their 20's to 50's.

  2. I thought it would be that Panini's cards are shinier so they might cause seizures in some children. :P